A Walk In The Park, with Dr. Lara

A Journey To Freedom

I first met Lara through my business partner, who had met Lara at a holistic function and admired her ability as a practitioner. There was a raffle and my business partner won a “Dr. Lara Walk”! She was so excited about the win. Then she told me Dr. Lara Romero was married to Mark Romero and reminded me of his music she likes to play in our place of business frequently.  She was over the moon to win the drawing and scheduled her valuable time with Lara. When she came back, she was shiny. Later she told me how profound the “walk” had been.

Table that and fast forward a bit of time. One day Dr. Lara called to schedule an event into BOTI Studios. It was called “Healing with the Angels” and again my business partner attended the event. She turned out shiny again. Everyone who had attended the event and the following events got brighter and brighter. I see auras and when I would see people who had received the gift to be in the presence of Divine Source through Lara, everyone came out shinier. I must admit, I was a little awestruck. Something inside of me wanted to be that shinier person from the events she was facilitating. One night an individual showed up that was not so shiny. It was not a pleasant experience and was resolved but not without spiritual consequence.

Some time had passed. I had received a call from a friend, Shaman Isabella Stoloff, who asked me to be of service in her place as a speaker at an event, I agreed. It was with a group of individuals at a spiritual center. I found out a day before my talk that Lara’s sister and friends were going to be there; Lara had called to say she wasn’t going to be in attendance because she too was teaching at a different location, was sorry she would miss it and wished me well.  It was a great experience for me and I actually began to come out of my shell. The shell I usually don’t let anyone know about.

It’s a super protective armor that absolutely no one can penetrate unless I give permission. Sometimes I give permission because I think that’s what love looks like or how acceptance might feel. It’s a win one way or another for me and I continue to play the odds for some reason with a very open heart to others and a very open mind for me. I was able to “know” my worth, value, ability, love-ability and such easily. Just not truly let that knowledge into my heart for me. I understand now that I was practicing seeing myself through another’s eyes for validation of my worth.

This lead to some conversations between myself and Lara so I shared a meditation process with her. As we spoke, one thing lead to another, she invited me to a walk and we scheduled. I drove down to Laguna Woods and parked at the address that had been given to me. A church. I sat for a minute and made a call to Lara to say that I had arrived. She asked where I parked and said this was fine would I meet her across the street. I walked out of the parking lot and there she was, waiting for me on the sidewalk.

There have been times in my life when I know that I am going to grow spiritually very fast in an extremely brief period of what we fondly refer to as time. For me, it is moving into a different state of being. Epiphany awakening consciousness understanding connection unconditional love gratitude being…all happen at once and I become reconciled to who I now am, forever changed and the evolution continues.

We went down a cement path into a drainage pipe that let us out onto a dirt path that wove a ring around a peaceful lake. Quite magical in the seclusion and hidden entrance from the street. There is wildlife and a little bit of people traffic yet not enough to feel as if your secrets could be exposed; because yes, you begin to feel as if you are there to tell your heart to another, to release a burden you may not have realized was there. Yet you become aware.

So we began to walk. She asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to work on. Ugh… just ugh. Naturally I answered no. Easy not easy. She asked if she could tell me what she saw and I said yes. She told me of a door that when it was just cracked open a wee bit, she could see chaos and confusion. Immediately I told her I knew what it was and the moment it came out of my mouth I knew it was part of that armor. I was scared and relieved all at the same time. So, I started to speak of my weight, previous smoking ditched that and went to my sister, my daughter who past and mom. No, I’ve nothing to work on. Humph! It took a lot out of me to finish what I thought I needed to not work on and I was winded from talking so much. That burden I didn’t think I had began to weigh a lot, so asked if we could sit and she had reminded me that she was there to tap in and do some not work.

So she began the process. First my daughter then father then mother came in. Finally my sister. Soul contracts were cleaned and gentle love shifted the tar of perceived betrayal that had saved life which was bound to the cord of ours. I still have protection in place of a different kind; because I know what it’s like to love someone that you can’t have in your life; because to do so would cause you serious harm mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. So I love mine from afar. Dr. Lara mentioned something about Quantum Entanglement and in the moment, I saw exactly what that was. It looks like umbilical  cords to everyone you’ve ever come into contact with throughout all your existence. She asked if I wanted to be untangled, of course I did!?!?!!!! As the unraveling began the burden began to ease.

It happened rather quickly and then she saw that I clearly “knew” my worth but wasn’t allowing it into my heart so I could truly feel it.

Imagine, you know with your cranial brain that you are worthy and that with law of attraction you can manifest easily and understand that you are ready to receive. The catch, you don’t believe you’re truly worthy of the gifts the Multiverse wants to give you. You’re able to magically manifest because you practice heart math. You understand that moving the energy from your cranial brain to your heart brain allows the desire to be focused and clear. You know too that what you know is a hack. Then you get hit with a ton of bricks that feel like a wall and you’re told all you need do is believe. It’s like being on the opposite side of a glass wall next to millions of dollars that belong to you and all you have to do is believe you are worthy of it, that you deserve it and the glass will disappear.

So there I was. I saw so clearly where I truly was. My armor fell apart and I accepted my worth into my true heart and became ready to receive all that the God of my understanding wants for me and I accepted this. I began to weep with gratitude, relief and all that other stuff I spoke of above. Slowly I came to myself and she suggested we begin to walk back. We did and as we walked I continued to release negative thought processes that had been holding me in limbo preventing me from receiving anything I didn’t feel worthy of.

I drove home after I collected myself in my car. I was shiny. As I pulled off the freeway there was a Taco Bell and I made a conscious choice to drive to El Super to purchase some fruits and veggies. In that moment, I knew in my heart, that my life had changed.

She told me it would take about six weeks for the healing to  complete its process. She is right. It takes time. Here’s the articulation of the process from then to now:

  • No, I’m not going to do that.
  • NOpe, not doing it.
  • Thanks but NO
  • Thank you for your offer but no
  • No thank you
  • My choice is no, thank you.

I had finally stepped into my big girl panties and new what my true value is. Being someone that doesn’t like confrontation I find myself in the midst of it sometimes anyway. I’ve learned through the process that it usually doesn’t belong to me and that I have a choice. Dr. Lara’s healing allowed me to empower myself through the choice to be enough. I’m so grateful she talks to Angels.

Thank you God for making me a miracle~





One Reply to “A Walk In The Park, with Dr. Lara”

  1. I wasn’t sure in the beginning where you were headed. I have lost somebody I loved and supported ( carried his burdens) for 25 yrs. when passed it was an end for him or a beginning? However I feel as though I’m still carrying his burdens. I feel like the student that attended your angel course but did not shine as the others. We all seem to think the grief has passed years later but it does manifest physically, or mentally. This story brought the light forward I must stop carrying his secrets and burdens. I have manifested illness and cant change my condition . I must accept my own burden and leave his behind. He loved me I felt it but while alive was envious things that brought me joy, my job working w/kids iii need, my love and fun w/our daughters and my grounded self. I am no longer any of these things I need to find me, love me, love where I am physically and where I am going. My daughters bring me joy unfortunately I fear my reciprocation is coming from an overload. I am guarded as you describe. People don’t see it the walls saying stop! I am in control of those that really see me. I don’t know how to ground myself and trust who it is I am now. It’s like living a secret life where I float outside of “me” wondering what next? I may try painting tonight and reach out to the one angel I feel near. When my spouse died the night before I saw “ demons” for lack of other terms marching into our room. I have had two dreams I can recall since then. Dreaming used to be my escape to new places. I rarely sleep now it has been six years. Ugh is exactly right.,
    Thank you


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