Dr. Tara Rasta now in Anaheim!

Hello BOTI Studios tribe,

I hope this email finds you in a rich energy state!

I finally took the leap of opening up my own practice close to my home in Anaheim! Once I made the decision, it came to me effortlessly and I couldn’t be more blessed!

The past few months I experienced lots of turmoil and pain within. I learned the purpose of the pain was to interrupt my life so I can finally take a good look at what I needed to change. I needed to step up, show up and ask for help!

I was feeling tiny and I knew I was playing small, yet the fear was holding me back, paralyzing me and I was feeling so stuck. So I cried and I prayed, and I said “look God, I don’t want to feel this way, I know you chose me to do chiropractic and I know you have given me so many gifts to share, so please give me the strength to feel like I have what it takes to play big, to serve more and to be more!”

The day I decided I wanted to find a place, I visualized myself at a spiritual center, a place that already felt like home. I contacted Lucinda at BOTI Studios to setup a meeting with she and Jenice for the next day. Within a matter of minutes, we were in collaboration. My connection with them was enhanced and deepened in moments. We all agreed that this was a divine plan, together we will be able to serve more, do more and be more!

The synchronicity in my life has been incredible. The universe has been providing me endless support; through the numerous people who are continuing to pour into my life.

Once I knew what my why was, the how was presented in the most obvious way!

I realized I didn’t become a doctor for myself. Rather, I became a doctor for the people I would serve. My heart yearns to aid people that have lost hope in ever finding real answers, who have been labeled with a serious illness, and those who have been told they will never be whole again! I am here to assist with chronic fatigue, emotional & sexual abuse, the energetic release of traumatic events and to help each and every one of you realize and share your innate divine gifts!

It’s for all these people that I have lived life in two different countries, and have had my own share of traumas. Life did not happen to me, it happened for me so I could have greater love, empathy and compassion for those who seek my help!

As the days have gone by, my relationship with the universe has grown deeper and I feel profoundly connected to something greater than myself. My gifts feel more accessible and my choices have been healthier. Walking my talk is no longer a chore; good choices come to me naturally!

Today I am more courageous because of you. Yes, You, the reader of this email!

You are my motivation to constantly learn, attend seminars and become a better version of myself. I may not know you, but I know you can increase your personal effectiveness by an order of magnitude! You can break away from routines that have set you in a personal boundary. I know because I have been there also!

I know I can help you overcome pain, to have more confidence and to let go of patterns that no longer serve you! I don’t expect to restore you back to “normal,” I expect miracles. I envision you with a new attitude, structure and behaviors that will allow you to share your gifts beyond any expectations you may have!

You can make a quantum leap into a more effective you! You can do more, be more and feel more joy! Yes, JOY! That is your birthright! It is what God had intended for you! God loves us, and wants us to feel good all the time!

So, you may be wondering, how I can help you?

Well, we are vibrational beings whose physical structure needs to be coherent, harmonic and cooperative.  The mechanism of what leads to most disease is the degradation and lose of any of these three properties. By applying modulated force to specific places, in a specific sequence, your spine sends a signal to your brain to pay attention to what’s happening in your body. Your system begins to unwind tension from inside-out. The spine is the fuse box between your high brain and your body, so the contact points we learn to address are either on the spine or very close to the spine.  Your body is truly self-organizing and self-healing, it just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Your brain/body communication must be efficient to have greater effectiveness, efficiency, longevity and greater health. Research has demonstrated that people receiving Network Spinal Analysis become incredibly more adaptive to stress, enjoy a higher quality of life (in the form of less pain), more joy, increased energy, improved posture, better sleep, less anxiety, improved digestion and enhanced mental clarity and creativity. If you have a significant health condition and lack the energy you need to participate in your life, or you wish to feel greater vitality, Network Spinal Analysis may be the ticket.  If you have received care in the past and want to be reminded how good you felt or wish to start care for the first time, call me for your complimentary consult 714-679-8608

I can’t wait to show you what it means to activate your spine!

Your wellness advocate,

Dr. Tara Rasta at BOTI Studios

I am available Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays starting 09/04/2018

***There is a special offer available for the first 5 people who contact me for an appointment!***

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