Our Treasure Hunt~part 1πŸ€žπŸ‘ŒβœŒ

So, this just happened.

We went on a business mission that turned into a tapped in road trip; and because we were given so many synchronicities, decided to share this wonderful tale of what happens when you stop and take the time to listen and trust universal energy ( source, spirit, divine guidance, god, whatever name you have for the ether).

We were planning to drop flyers at various locations for our upcoming Drum CeremonyΒ Journey In Drum Making, The Birthing of a Drum coming up December 9th, (Click on the link for further details/must prepay by November 27th, so materials can be prepped).

Usually when we go places, Jenice likes to drive (at least that’s what I tell myself 😜 and we get there safe and sound and she doesn’t mind zipping in and out of traffic effortlessly so it seems) and she usually never makes a mistake or a wrong turn. Well, this wasn’t going to be one of those days. We had started together from my house and the plan was to get started around 9am and we were off at 10 or so (which played better for me, too!😁). We got on the freeway and she decided to go South instead of North, realizing the faux pas and starting to right the error, I suggested we continue in this new direction as maybe Spirit was leading us, so maybe we could go to the Crystal Cave instead. We agreed and then there was the mention of gas and the length of the connector ramp to the 55fwy and we opted to go further south.

Now we were headed to wherever Google was going to take us on the way to The Chakra Shack in Laguna Beach, California as we had once again, taken an unplanned detour. So, here we are in Irvine hunting gas and decide to go to Costco, we again take yet another detour, which reminds me, I must look up the toll roads to pay the various tolls incurred during this trip. Google reports there is a metaphysical shop nearby that sells metaphysical supplies, we receive a listing called “Suntsu Frequency Technology”. The address is listed as 142, there are only doors with numbers 100 or 150 the building itself is 142. We drive around and Jenice notices a gentleman getting out of his car but that is the only prompt. We pull around to the front and park. We both feel that we are being led here as there are too many things that have pulled us in this direction, so we do what anyone would do and we pull out Jenice’s pendulum to ask her questions.

The first is are we supposed to be there, next which door do we go in 150, and so we start to walk that direction and when we get to the door, it is held open by this nice young man and Spirit says to me “TALK TO HIM!!!”, so I say something profound, “thank you” and he exits while we enter. This is the strangest act of faith to date that we have publicly displayed, unless you count the bank account opening or the POS machine setup, or the lease signing, never mind. So we are in this waiting room of a technology company and we know we are there for a reason yet don’t know entirely why. We pull the pendulum out once again, after checking magazines, what the company does and to see if there is a place called Suntsu around or the address 142 (non existent to the receptionist, who by the way is observing all of this) and proceed to ask if we are in the right place? YES. Is it the place? NO. Is it a person? YES. Is it a person in the building? NO Is it that guy that opened the door for us? YES! Well I figured he was long gone and just as we learned why we were there, we look up and he is again walking toward us (or so we thought) and we go out to greet him. You can only imagine what is crossing his mind as I say, “Hi, this is going to sound a bit off but, we were led here to meet you.” I extend my hand and continue with, “my name is Lucinda, and…” then Jenice introduces herself and in all seriousness, continues to tell this nice young man that we have been led to this facility to meet him.

Who does this? We do! Anyway we all talk together to ask what each does for a living (you know what we do already and if not BOTI Studios) and he is a kindly representative for Xerox and his name is Brett. We talk a bit more and Jenice and I are asking lots of questions, Brett is smiling about what I can only imagine (crazy ladies) and we find out his company also provides marketing solutions, so we think this must be the reason (because by this point we are no longer listening actively) , exchange cards and we part ways, Jenice and I patting ourselves on the back for the fabulous job we have done listening to Spirit and being so very tapped in. We get in the car and begin to drive and now we are actually headed to The Chakra Shack, when all of a sudden, I am overwhelmed by a message that we are part of his awakening. I share this with Jenice and we are both swept into the river of gratitude and alignment. It was a magical moment. We will have lunch with this nice young man in future and we are excited to be of service and receive what he holds for us as well.

We are blessed beyond measure, stay tuned as we will release another little diddy, can’t wait to tell you what happened at The Chakra Shack!




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