To Find A Way To Make It Mine…

We all possess the magical ability to access reiki energy and do so regularly. You stub your toe, bump your elbow and immediately grab the injured body part sending messages of healing to the source of the discomfort. So as an attuned reiki practitioner at any level, we are harmonious with this energy and not so much by happenstance.

Useful Definitions

  • #Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life force energy. Reiki is intellegent energy.
  • #Energy has been measured in a variety of ways, mostly through cause and effect; and is available power that can be channeled for use.
  • #Practitioner is a channel. Most definitions pertain to water which is a beautiful analogy. Closest to what I’m searching for is: a course/path into which something may be directed; a route through which anything passes or progresses. This is what the reiki practitioner provides to the recipient. A larger access to universal energy by which to draw for a variety of purposes.
  • #Modality is simply the mode/method put to use to by the practitioner. Reiki is a modality, accessed by the practitioner yet drawn in by the recipient.
  • #Recipient is the individual receiving the universal energy through the channel and the recipients bodymind and reiki choose how and where it is to be used for their highest good.
  • #Meridians mark the system of pathways throughout the body’s access and flow of energy. I like to refer to them as our energetic highway.

To truly understand what reiki energy can do, I suggest you find your local practitioner and schedule a treatment. If this is your first session, please do it in person. Detach from expectation. You will be amazed by how relaxing the session can be. Anxiety gets released, balance and harmony restored, thus promoting a greater sense of general wellbeing.

I love reiki, the practice, people I’ve met, the energy itself, the harmony it brings. So great has been the benefit, I changed my life path to focus on this modality. The spirituality of the practice is left to be interpreted by the individual giving no limitations except those one creates themselves.

I wasn’t sure what I truly wanted to write about regarding energy because I haven’t picked this up in quite a while, the writing. Back in June 2017 I attended a Reiki retreat with several practitioners of this energy work and found much diversity. The practice itself is passed from teacher to student, giving us all one last name, Reiki; yet has been modified by each so as to receive it completely. An integration of one’s beliefs and the spirituality of the energy.

There are many students to whom reiki has been passed, over a million. Just as many interpretations exist. All receiving it as presented, then interpreting it in such a way as to connect to the energy. To find a way to make it mine…

The practice itself allows energy to flow through the practitioner like a conduit at a greater rate or with more focus to source. You choose your path, literally. The recipient draws the energy in through the channel where the recipients bodymind communicates the necessities. The practitioner of course sets an intention for wellbeing of the individual, yet releases it into the universe and trusts reiki’s infinite wisdom to go where it’s most needed.  It’s a beautiful practice that is steeped in oral tradition and can only be experienced wholly by oneself.

How it works is the energy flows from universal life force through the practitioner/channel drawn in by the recipient whose bodymind then communicates with it to determine its use to greatest benefit. Once the energy is flowing, it needs streets of some sort that are mapped so it covers all the territory from top of head to tip of toe. This is the highway I spoke of called Meridians. They have been mapped by Chinese Medicine and recently proven scientifically to be in true existence. It is a literal energetic roadmap to your endocrine, lymph and organ systems. Its broken down into five elements, each pertaining to a particular area. We are 99.9999% energy, the rest manifested matter.

Did you know that we can trap a belief, thought or dissonant energy at a cellular level? Our bodies are quite ambitious to move on the next encounter. Sometimes we fail to process something that really doesn’t serve our highest or greatest good. The body stores it for later use in the form of behavior or actionable thought. If we don’t process those toxins, they become part of us. Energy in manifested form.

Some tips to help process these unwanted and no longer useful dregs are; meditation, writing in a journal, going outside and getting in touch with nature. All of these practices enhance one’s ability to tap into an even greater supply of natural energy. Getting a reiki session allows the process to accelerate.

I hope this has been encouraging and helpful. Thanks for all you are!

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