The most daring thing to be…is me

What a way to start a blog, huh? I’m full of #love and just remembered to release my #egoic self to better allow the universe freer reign with provision…

I am #blessed beyond most present recognition. At times, so much unfolds right before my eyes, I’m minimally able to physically ingest what transpires within that moment. Why just this morning, my eyes opened once again to give me the gift of another day to create my own reality.

#Life is what you make it, truly. Using the #Law of Attraction, I continue to manifest my experience. Whatever my energetic vibration, something is always there to meet its frequency exactly; many things have taken place in short bursts of time to convince me of its existence. Here’s one, I am able to meander through my experience in physical form making connection to what some refer to as source, god, spirit, energy (this list ad infinitum) and this allows me to reach beyond the present, which in effect, is really now the past.

When the famous book, (insert your favorite belief system), of manifestation was developed and printed, it most likely was inspired. So what came first…the chicken or the egg?

The concept of the past is what I base my desire in as I view it pleasurable or contrast to what I would prefer to experience next. I dwell in appreciation with a look through the heart; after all, there are neurons in the heart by which to think. Now that’s a concept!

Have a spectacular day!


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