Today was like no other…

Life is magical nowadays, filled with beautiful relationships that joyfully fill my heart. Just today there were great people having wonderful conversations and as luck would have it, an abundance of gloriously shiny creatures available for perusal.  In fact, you may have called it a gathering of like minded individuals…we were shopping.

Today a boutique at a friends house by the poolside in the shade of large birds of paradise. The ambiance mellow and inviting. Tea with scones and jam, finger sandwiches, raspberry lemon infused water, brie cheese with fresh sliced cucumber. The offerings were splendid and I did manage to acquire two more gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

The best part of today was that I was present, able to share in new and established small business successes developed by women with a sense of purpose. Women who took a chance to step forward not back into the shadows. The bravery I encountered today was truly amazing for all its magnificence. Vegan purses, miniature succulent gardens in a veritable cornucopia of recycled containers, lavender-sage infused oils, blessed sage and lavender smudge sticks, healing rose quartz, energy healing, tarot, and so much more.

Speaking with capable women is exhilarating, stimulating an energetic exchange during the networking of the event. If you pay attention, you can feel if you are similar in frequency as individuals resonate with one another. An example of this would be a lovely botanical artist I’d the pleasure of meeting today. Her offerings were exactly what we are looking for in order to accompany a bench system for grounding/earthing we are putting together.

While we acquire items for another, more ambitious space in 2017, we continue to find the best people to meet. Realizing all is well and that we are all children of the universe; there are parts to a whole in all just like me. I may be searching for those parts as well, I never truly know until I’m struck with inspiration. In that moment, I am ready to trust.

Until the next adventure

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