Getting Started…

Reiki is an energetic healing practice thousands of years old rediscovered. Interestingly enough, it’s become readily available to people desiring complimentary health care. A recent study listed Reiki in the top eleven (10), alongside chiropractic, cupping, steam, acupressure/puncture and hot rock massage to name a few.

People are apparently practicing open mindedness. With wellness becoming a booming industry, how does Reiki fit into this with its humble nuances?

Reiki at level 1 allows for self treatment and develops spiritual growth as well as awareness. Reiki sessions can be done almost anywhere. A treatment leaves the individual feeling well rested and balanced. Being performed by oneself makes it affordable and once the recipient is attuned to Reki level 1 energy, the connection lasts a lifetime.

We offer you this opportunity through our services. To find out more, stay tuned to our blog! Updates are in the making💞


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