I Love, Unconditionally…No Matter What

I would like to share my heart…
Who I am is just this. Who I am. I love freely and unconditionally no matter what. This year I have lost some people I deeply love and care about in a variety of ways. Death, falling outs, shut outs.
I continue to love, just love. Not for recompense or reciprocation. I feel deep gratitude when I can go beyond the hurt I feel at first and make it to the part where my happiness dwells.
I became reflective over a recent status change in a dear relationship. That’s when I realized, I love anyway. In the blink of an eye, I have changed. I do not fault either of us, nor is there any blame to lay. No reason to. If an opportunity arises to reevaluate the situation enough to restore our friendship, things will be different. I’ve changed.
Impulse was what I once used to do life because life was so very painful, too painful to face with just myself. I couldn’t stand to be alone with myself for very long because I would do stupid shit and that would make me hate myself all that much more.
It was like I couldn’t help myself. “What’s the matter with me?”, “Why am I doing that?”, “How come people don’t understand me?”, “Why can’t you just do what I want?” I walked through life with lots of pain only to begin to scratch the surface and then deny I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. 
I began a program of spiritual growth only to uncover what I once thought so repulsive. ME. I began to get to know me. How sensitive I am. How loving I am. How quirky I really am. How my gifts help. That the gifts that I have are a way for me to hold space for healing and many other things.
I am blessed in a variety of ways and I am a very powerful individual steeped in unconditional love. Today I understand what turning the other cheek means without giving up who you are. I have been given the gift of letting go as well.
That allows me to bask in God’s Grace only to be filled with gratitude once more.
Thank you God for making me a miracle.

A Walk In The Park, with Dr. Lara

A Journey To Freedom

I first met Lara through my business partner, who had met Lara at a holistic function and admired her ability as a practitioner. There was a raffle and my business partner won a “Dr. Lara Walk”! She was so excited about the win. Then she told me Dr. Lara Romero was married to Mark Romero and reminded me of his music she likes to play in our place of business frequently.  She was over the moon to win the drawing and scheduled her valuable time with Lara. When she came back, she was shiny. Later she told me how profound the “walk” had been.

Table that and fast forward a bit of time. One day Dr. Lara called to schedule an event into BOTI Studios. It was called “Healing with the Angels” and again my business partner attended the event. She turned out shiny again. Everyone who had attended the event and the following events got brighter and brighter. I see auras and when I would see people who had received the gift to be in the presence of Divine Source through Lara, everyone came out shinier. I must admit, I was a little awestruck. Something inside of me wanted to be that shinier person from the events she was facilitating. One night an individual showed up that was not so shiny. It was not a pleasant experience and was resolved but not without spiritual consequence.

Some time had passed. I had received a call from a friend, Shaman Isabella Stoloff, who asked me to be of service in her place as a speaker at an event, I agreed. It was with a group of individuals at a spiritual center. I found out a day before my talk that Lara’s sister and friends were going to be there; Lara had called to say she wasn’t going to be in attendance because she too was teaching at a different location, was sorry she would miss it and wished me well.  It was a great experience for me and I actually began to come out of my shell. The shell I usually don’t let anyone know about.

It’s a super protective armor that absolutely no one can penetrate unless I give permission. Sometimes I give permission because I think that’s what love looks like or how acceptance might feel. It’s a win one way or another for me and I continue to play the odds for some reason with a very open heart to others and a very open mind for me. I was able to “know” my worth, value, ability, love-ability and such easily. Just not truly let that knowledge into my heart for me. I understand now that I was practicing seeing myself through another’s eyes for validation of my worth.

This lead to some conversations between myself and Lara so I shared a meditation process with her. As we spoke, one thing lead to another, she invited me to a walk and we scheduled. I drove down to Laguna Woods and parked at the address that had been given to me. A church. I sat for a minute and made a call to Lara to say that I had arrived. She asked where I parked and said this was fine would I meet her across the street. I walked out of the parking lot and there she was, waiting for me on the sidewalk.

There have been times in my life when I know that I am going to grow spiritually very fast in an extremely brief period of what we fondly refer to as time. For me, it is moving into a different state of being. Epiphany awakening consciousness understanding connection unconditional love gratitude being…all happen at once and I become reconciled to who I now am, forever changed and the evolution continues.

We went down a cement path into a drainage pipe that let us out onto a dirt path that wove a ring around a peaceful lake. Quite magical in the seclusion and hidden entrance from the street. There is wildlife and a little bit of people traffic yet not enough to feel as if your secrets could be exposed; because yes, you begin to feel as if you are there to tell your heart to another, to release a burden you may not have realized was there. Yet you become aware.

So we began to walk. She asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to work on. Ugh… just ugh. Naturally I answered no. Easy not easy. She asked if she could tell me what she saw and I said yes. She told me of a door that when it was just cracked open a wee bit, she could see chaos and confusion. Immediately I told her I knew what it was and the moment it came out of my mouth I knew it was part of that armor. I was scared and relieved all at the same time. So, I started to speak of my weight, previous smoking ditched that and went to my sister, my daughter who past and mom. No, I’ve nothing to work on. Humph! It took a lot out of me to finish what I thought I needed to not work on and I was winded from talking so much. That burden I didn’t think I had began to weigh a lot, so asked if we could sit and she had reminded me that she was there to tap in and do some not work.

So she began the process. First my daughter then father then mother came in. Finally my sister. Soul contracts were cleaned and gentle love shifted the tar of perceived betrayal that had saved life which was bound to the cord of ours. I still have protection in place of a different kind; because I know what it’s like to love someone that you can’t have in your life; because to do so would cause you serious harm mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. So I love mine from afar. Dr. Lara mentioned something about Quantum Entanglement and in the moment, I saw exactly what that was. It looks like umbilical  cords to everyone you’ve ever come into contact with throughout all your existence. She asked if I wanted to be untangled, of course I did!?!?!!!! As the unraveling began the burden began to ease.

It happened rather quickly and then she saw that I clearly “knew” my worth but wasn’t allowing it into my heart so I could truly feel it.

Imagine, you know with your cranial brain that you are worthy and that with law of attraction you can manifest easily and understand that you are ready to receive. The catch, you don’t believe you’re truly worthy of the gifts the Multiverse wants to give you. You’re able to magically manifest because you practice heart math. You understand that moving the energy from your cranial brain to your heart brain allows the desire to be focused and clear. You know too that what you know is a hack. Then you get hit with a ton of bricks that feel like a wall and you’re told all you need do is believe. It’s like being on the opposite side of a glass wall next to millions of dollars that belong to you and all you have to do is believe you are worthy of it, that you deserve it and the glass will disappear.

So there I was. I saw so clearly where I truly was. My armor fell apart and I accepted my worth into my true heart and became ready to receive all that the God of my understanding wants for me and I accepted this. I began to weep with gratitude, relief and all that other stuff I spoke of above. Slowly I came to myself and she suggested we begin to walk back. We did and as we walked I continued to release negative thought processes that had been holding me in limbo preventing me from receiving anything I didn’t feel worthy of.

I drove home after I collected myself in my car. I was shiny. As I pulled off the freeway there was a Taco Bell and I made a conscious choice to drive to El Super to purchase some fruits and veggies. In that moment, I knew in my heart, that my life had changed.

She told me it would take about six weeks for the healing to  complete its process. She is right. It takes time. Here’s the articulation of the process from then to now:

  • No, I’m not going to do that.
  • NOpe, not doing it.
  • Thanks but NO
  • Thank you for your offer but no
  • No thank you
  • My choice is no, thank you.

I had finally stepped into my big girl panties and new what my true value is. Being someone that doesn’t like confrontation I find myself in the midst of it sometimes anyway. I’ve learned through the process that it usually doesn’t belong to me and that I have a choice. Dr. Lara’s healing allowed me to empower myself through the choice to be enough. I’m so grateful she talks to Angels.

Thank you God for making me a miracle~





Today I Am My Priority🧚‍🔮🧙‍✨

Learning to let go of that which doesn’t serve…what a term. Sometimes it’s allowing yourself to let go of others or others to let go of you so you can become more of who you are meant to be. This is an opportunity that continues to present itself in my life.

From when I was out on the streets to the rooms of recovery, I have learned that not all that glitters is gold. Unfortunately, I remain somewhat childlike in my trust. I trust what people say to me to be true. I trust what Spirit says to me to be true. Sometimes there isn’t congruence and that’s ok. I’ve learned that. It lets me be me and them be them.

Today I am my priority. I have gone back to basics and I’m so grateful for my deep seated spirituality that propels me to be more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not Mother Theresa as a friend once said to me. I’m human. I’m an energetic being translating that experience through an human temple seeking spiritual expansion.

That’s all I am. Nothing less than me and nothing more. Today I am my priority. Thank you God for making me a miracle~




I Am With You, Too

I love my life. I am confident in my gifts, yet not egoically based in the belief of them.

I am and remain grateful to all that is; teaching me, creating with me, being me.

To myself for continuing to be openminded, willing.

There are times I fall back into patterned behaviors, conditioned thoughts and just plain old energy debris that sometimes throws me off. Yet, even then, I know I am still on my path. Encompassing this too, shall pass/change.

I am being provided choice in a new situation that will bring about another experience to savor.

One day, someone will read over my thoughts and have the dawning realization that they are not alone on their journey.

Thank you God for making me a miracle


Dr. Tara Rasta now in Anaheim!

Hello BOTI Studios tribe,

I hope this email finds you in a rich energy state!

I finally took the leap of opening up my own practice close to my home in Anaheim! Once I made the decision, it came to me effortlessly and I couldn’t be more blessed!

The past few months I experienced lots of turmoil and pain within. I learned the purpose of the pain was to interrupt my life so I can finally take a good look at what I needed to change. I needed to step up, show up and ask for help!

I was feeling tiny and I knew I was playing small, yet the fear was holding me back, paralyzing me and I was feeling so stuck. So I cried and I prayed, and I said “look God, I don’t want to feel this way, I know you chose me to do chiropractic and I know you have given me so many gifts to share, so please give me the strength to feel like I have what it takes to play big, to serve more and to be more!”

The day I decided I wanted to find a place, I visualized myself at a spiritual center, a place that already felt like home. I contacted Lucinda at BOTI Studios to setup a meeting with she and Jenice for the next day. Within a matter of minutes, we were in collaboration. My connection with them was enhanced and deepened in moments. We all agreed that this was a divine plan, together we will be able to serve more, do more and be more!

The synchronicity in my life has been incredible. The universe has been providing me endless support; through the numerous people who are continuing to pour into my life.

Once I knew what my why was, the how was presented in the most obvious way!

I realized I didn’t become a doctor for myself. Rather, I became a doctor for the people I would serve. My heart yearns to aid people that have lost hope in ever finding real answers, who have been labeled with a serious illness, and those who have been told they will never be whole again! I am here to assist with chronic fatigue, emotional & sexual abuse, the energetic release of traumatic events and to help each and every one of you realize and share your innate divine gifts!

It’s for all these people that I have lived life in two different countries, and have had my own share of traumas. Life did not happen to me, it happened for me so I could have greater love, empathy and compassion for those who seek my help!

As the days have gone by, my relationship with the universe has grown deeper and I feel profoundly connected to something greater than myself. My gifts feel more accessible and my choices have been healthier. Walking my talk is no longer a chore; good choices come to me naturally!

Today I am more courageous because of you. Yes, You, the reader of this email!

You are my motivation to constantly learn, attend seminars and become a better version of myself. I may not know you, but I know you can increase your personal effectiveness by an order of magnitude! You can break away from routines that have set you in a personal boundary. I know because I have been there also!

I know I can help you overcome pain, to have more confidence and to let go of patterns that no longer serve you! I don’t expect to restore you back to “normal,” I expect miracles. I envision you with a new attitude, structure and behaviors that will allow you to share your gifts beyond any expectations you may have!

You can make a quantum leap into a more effective you! You can do more, be more and feel more joy! Yes, JOY! That is your birthright! It is what God had intended for you! God loves us, and wants us to feel good all the time!

So, you may be wondering, how I can help you?

Well, we are vibrational beings whose physical structure needs to be coherent, harmonic and cooperative.  The mechanism of what leads to most disease is the degradation and lose of any of these three properties. By applying modulated force to specific places, in a specific sequence, your spine sends a signal to your brain to pay attention to what’s happening in your body. Your system begins to unwind tension from inside-out. The spine is the fuse box between your high brain and your body, so the contact points we learn to address are either on the spine or very close to the spine.  Your body is truly self-organizing and self-healing, it just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Your brain/body communication must be efficient to have greater effectiveness, efficiency, longevity and greater health. Research has demonstrated that people receiving Network Spinal Analysis become incredibly more adaptive to stress, enjoy a higher quality of life (in the form of less pain), more joy, increased energy, improved posture, better sleep, less anxiety, improved digestion and enhanced mental clarity and creativity. If you have a significant health condition and lack the energy you need to participate in your life, or you wish to feel greater vitality, Network Spinal Analysis may be the ticket.  If you have received care in the past and want to be reminded how good you felt or wish to start care for the first time, call me for your complimentary consult 714-679-8608

I can’t wait to show you what it means to activate your spine!

Your wellness advocate,

Dr. Tara Rasta at BOTI Studios

I am available Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays starting 09/04/2018

***There is a special offer available for the first 5 people who contact me for an appointment!***

What A Faire?

I love a good time and a fair is one of the most perfect places for this to happen; a place where, through a culmination of events, leads us down a windy road of delicious opportunity.

When you think fair, what comes to mind? A midway perhaps? Maybe concessions and handcrafted art, rides or even some displays?

Me, too! Well, recently I learned there are other types of fairs. I found out because I became a metaphysician practicing energy work. Big words with lots of energy, yet not a lot of understanding in the mainstream. The whole point to this for me is to become mainstream acceptable as integrative offerings to enhance the therapeutic value  of self healing! After all, all healing is self healing.

I use the term above because this is how obscure our niche is. Did you know that there are hundreds of health & wellness/holistic/metaphysical fairs across the United States offering a variety of non invasive energetic techniques to promote self healing? There is a wide spectrum of services that fall under this particular category that I would like to make you aware of (please keep in mind, this list is not exhaustive).

List of some available services at our fairs

  • Psychic Counseling
  • Belly Dance
  • Chakra Dance
  • Astatic Dance
  • Art
  • Sound

Most of these events are free to attend, provide a sampling of what is available at a lower price and can be found if you look at metaphysical gift shops who usually have listings and magazines free of charge. Radiance Magazine  &  Awakenings are a few. You can find your local metaphysical bookstore and ask. Just look up crystals 🙂





Our Treasure Hunt ~ Part 2🤞👌✌

Hi, it’s me again…well, who else would it be on our blogsite?!? I find myself pretty hilarious sometimes; by the way, here I am at our new facility. You know, the one we said we were going to manifest last year in one of our articles. Had no idea where this was going to take us. As long as we listen to the universe, all will be well. This is what takes us on our treasure trips.

So last we left off with regard to that nice young man named Brett on our way to find metaphysical places to drop our flyers at for our drum birthing December 9th, (must prepay by 11/27/17 if you’re curious, here’s the link Journey In Drum Making, Birthing of a Drum) and were finally headed to one of the locations we had discussed the day before, The Chakra Shack, Laguna Beach CA for a picture of our Auras. We didn’t exactly set out to do this, it’s just how it ended up.

You see, we had done some research into the photography service and will in future have this awesome experience available at our facility as well. The hunt continues as we end up driving down memory lane in the old Laguna Canyon Highway toward PCH. It was magical passing the canyon walls with the windows down and the gentle conversation pointing out various things we had done in the canyon and things we wish to do; the Sawdust Festival, Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Art Festival and such. we were having about how lucky we are to have the lives we do. Feeling the harmony and balance of life in general. Taking the time to FEEL it and let the emotion wash over you is something we don’t do enough of if you’re asking for my opinion😁👏🙌. Back to the drive. When we came to the “T” in the road, where Pacific Coast Highway meets Laguna Canyon Road, Jenice said, “look at the ocean”. Breathtaking, the expanse of water going nowhere and everywhere at the same time. The representation of ebb and flow. The allowing. The being. Such gratitude filled me in that space, to the brim and I felt as if I was home once more.

We turned left onto PCH and meandered down the road, looking for The Chakra Shack, finally spotting it on the left. We sometimes play this game called, “All hail to the parking lot gods” and Jenice mentioned there seemed to be parking right in front of the store, what luck! So she just went up to the corner and turned around to park, right in front of the store and we looked at each other because nowhere on the street was there any other parking available. Getting coins for the meter, we were left with a gift of quarter of an hour waiting for us. We topped off the meter and made our way into the shack. The energy in this space is beautiful, warm and inviting. Like there’s no secrets with a sense of unconditional love permeating the air; and that’s when we found Diego. He is so kind, genuine and unassuming. He must see a lot of metaphysicians come through there, yet there is an underlying desire to be of service from the heart. Don’t forget, it’s the people that make the space, not the other way around💖🕉💖☮💖☪💖. We looked around and I’d almost forgotten why we were there. We had some business cards and there is a community push pin board for this use (marvelous idea) and we queried if it would be okay to place some of ours in this space and Diego said, “of course” which really felt like “you belong here and this is your place, too”.  Jenice went to do this and that’s when I spotted the Aura Camera setup. I asked Diego if this was the infamous apparatus and indeed is was. I almost squealed out loud with delight and Jenice came over and we decided that for the good of the business, we must partake of the fruit. My aura is lots of purple, indigo, pink and lavender while Jenice’s is purple, indigo, green and lavender (appears as though we cover the whole heart and are extremely spiritual in nature…at least in that particular moment). The experience was grand and we each received our portfolios which were really cool. We asked if it was okay to leave the Drum Flyer as well and were invited to do just such.

At the seeming end of our shack adventure, I turned to Diego and I said, “where should we go next or is there another place around here we should go” to which he replied, “the beach”, like any good beach dweller ought say. I felt led to clarify that we were looking for additional places to drop our flyers and whether there were any shops in the area. We all laughed and laughed. Diego mentioned that two blocks up the street was a crystal shop and we could probably leave them there. We bid Diego adieu and walked outside to the car, grabbed some flyers, fed the meter and headed two blocks exactly up the street. There was no crystal shop😆🤔, when all of a sudden we hear a familiar voice from the street say, “hey, how are you ladies doing?” we turned and there’s Shaman Royce who leads Spirit Circle that we attend. He says, “oh, I see you have the flyers for me!” (mind you, he’s in his car and he lives out near Temecula, was able to park his vehicle right there at the curb) and I say, “yes, here you go!” 🤗😁🤣🤣🤣🤣. When he drove away we happened to look across the street and the address was 777🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰

Needless to say, we stopped back into the shack and told Diego of our encounter and thanked him for sending us in that direction. On our way back to the shack from the nonexistent crystal shop there were flower boxes in all the windows and we were inspired to place flower boxes along our windows as well, so we were paying close attention to what type of plants were in those boxes when we came across a lovely herb assortment of lavender, sage, lemon grass and a bit of rosemary. It was the VIP barber shop and a gentleman asked if he may be of assistance and we responded with our admiration for the beauty provided. He was quite happy that he was able to tell us that his mother was who chose and planted the flowers in the box and that she would be grateful to hear that her work was so appreciated…then he asked us if we would like a water to take on our walk.

Such amazing people to meet throughout the day and we were just getting ready to look for a place to eat. The synchronicities were so spot on that we were unable to retreat and we just flowed with it, over and over again. We looked for directions to the Crystal Cave and ended up on the toll road, again (paid that by the way 😅, we were in Jenice’s car 🤣) after which we headed to our original destination, BOTI Studios for a Meet Up and on the way we were traveling in Santa Ana talking about the street we were going to turn on called Raitt because another psychic lives there when Jenice says, “wait?” and I laugh and say, “no, Raitt” and she says,”like the singer?” then me, “yah, Bonnie Raitt”. Then the radio played a Bonnie Raitt song and we laughed and laughed all the way to the studio.

I will suggest that if you find that you’re in need of direction at any point in your life and no matter the reason; that you take some time to bring yourself into alignment by reaching for the best FEELING emotion you can allow yourself to FEEL in that moment. Then hold on to your hats, the universe will deliver such a veritable cornucopia of enlightenment through impulse and inspiration you can’t help but notice the correlation of events as they unfold. Enjoy yourself authentically. Be kind to yourself completely. Love yourself genuinely.


Our Treasure Hunt~part 1🤞👌✌

So, this just happened.

We went on a business mission that turned into a tapped in road trip; and because we were given so many synchronicities, decided to share this wonderful tale of what happens when you stop and take the time to listen and trust universal energy ( source, spirit, divine guidance, god, whatever name you have for the ether).

We were planning to drop flyers at various locations for our upcoming Drum Ceremony Journey In Drum Making, The Birthing of a Drum coming up December 9th, (Click on the link for further details/must prepay by November 27th, so materials can be prepped).

Usually when we go places, Jenice likes to drive (at least that’s what I tell myself 😜 and we get there safe and sound and she doesn’t mind zipping in and out of traffic effortlessly so it seems) and she usually never makes a mistake or a wrong turn. Well, this wasn’t going to be one of those days. We had started together from my house and the plan was to get started around 9am and we were off at 10 or so (which played better for me, too!😁). We got on the freeway and she decided to go South instead of North, realizing the faux pas and starting to right the error, I suggested we continue in this new direction as maybe Spirit was leading us, so maybe we could go to the Crystal Cave instead. We agreed and then there was the mention of gas and the length of the connector ramp to the 55fwy and we opted to go further south.

Now we were headed to wherever Google was going to take us on the way to The Chakra Shack in Laguna Beach, California as we had once again, taken an unplanned detour. So, here we are in Irvine hunting gas and decide to go to Costco, we again take yet another detour, which reminds me, I must look up the toll roads to pay the various tolls incurred during this trip. Google reports there is a metaphysical shop nearby that sells metaphysical supplies, we receive a listing called “Suntsu Frequency Technology”. The address is listed as 142, there are only doors with numbers 100 or 150 the building itself is 142. We drive around and Jenice notices a gentleman getting out of his car but that is the only prompt. We pull around to the front and park. We both feel that we are being led here as there are too many things that have pulled us in this direction, so we do what anyone would do and we pull out Jenice’s pendulum to ask her questions.

The first is are we supposed to be there, next which door do we go in 150, and so we start to walk that direction and when we get to the door, it is held open by this nice young man and Spirit says to me “TALK TO HIM!!!”, so I say something profound, “thank you” and he exits while we enter. This is the strangest act of faith to date that we have publicly displayed, unless you count the bank account opening or the POS machine setup, or the lease signing, never mind. So we are in this waiting room of a technology company and we know we are there for a reason yet don’t know entirely why. We pull the pendulum out once again, after checking magazines, what the company does and to see if there is a place called Suntsu around or the address 142 (non existent to the receptionist, who by the way is observing all of this) and proceed to ask if we are in the right place? YES. Is it the place? NO. Is it a person? YES. Is it a person in the building? NO Is it that guy that opened the door for us? YES! Well I figured he was long gone and just as we learned why we were there, we look up and he is again walking toward us (or so we thought) and we go out to greet him. You can only imagine what is crossing his mind as I say, “Hi, this is going to sound a bit off but, we were led here to meet you.” I extend my hand and continue with, “my name is Lucinda, and…” then Jenice introduces herself and in all seriousness, continues to tell this nice young man that we have been led to this facility to meet him.

Who does this? We do! Anyway we all talk together to ask what each does for a living (you know what we do already and if not BOTI Studios) and he is a kindly representative for Xerox and his name is Brett. We talk a bit more and Jenice and I are asking lots of questions, Brett is smiling about what I can only imagine (crazy ladies) and we find out his company also provides marketing solutions, so we think this must be the reason (because by this point we are no longer listening actively) , exchange cards and we part ways, Jenice and I patting ourselves on the back for the fabulous job we have done listening to Spirit and being so very tapped in. We get in the car and begin to drive and now we are actually headed to The Chakra Shack, when all of a sudden, I am overwhelmed by a message that we are part of his awakening. I share this with Jenice and we are both swept into the river of gratitude and alignment. It was a magical moment. We will have lunch with this nice young man in future and we are excited to be of service and receive what he holds for us as well.

We are blessed beyond measure, stay tuned as we will release another little diddy, can’t wait to tell you what happened at The Chakra Shack!




To Find A Way To Make It Mine…

We all possess the magical ability to access reiki energy and do so regularly. You stub your toe, bump your elbow and immediately grab the injured body part sending messages of healing to the source of the discomfort. So as an attuned reiki practitioner at any level, we are harmonious with this energy and not so much by happenstance.

Useful Definitions

  • #Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life force energy. Reiki is intellegent energy.
  • #Energy has been measured in a variety of ways, mostly through cause and effect; and is available power that can be channeled for use.
  • #Practitioner is a channel. Most definitions pertain to water which is a beautiful analogy. Closest to what I’m searching for is: a course/path into which something may be directed; a route through which anything passes or progresses. This is what the reiki practitioner provides to the recipient. A larger access to universal energy by which to draw for a variety of purposes.
  • #Modality is simply the mode/method put to use to by the practitioner. Reiki is a modality, accessed by the practitioner yet drawn in by the recipient.
  • #Recipient is the individual receiving the universal energy through the channel and the recipients bodymind and reiki choose how and where it is to be used for their highest good.
  • #Meridians mark the system of pathways throughout the body’s access and flow of energy. I like to refer to them as our energetic highway.

To truly understand what reiki energy can do, I suggest you find your local practitioner and schedule a treatment. If this is your first session, please do it in person. Detach from expectation. You will be amazed by how relaxing the session can be. Anxiety gets released, balance and harmony restored, thus promoting a greater sense of general wellbeing.

I love reiki, the practice, people I’ve met, the energy itself, the harmony it brings. So great has been the benefit, I changed my life path to focus on this modality. The spirituality of the practice is left to be interpreted by the individual giving no limitations except those one creates themselves.

I wasn’t sure what I truly wanted to write about regarding energy because I haven’t picked this up in quite a while, the writing. Back in June 2017 I attended a Reiki retreat with several practitioners of this energy work and found much diversity. The practice itself is passed from teacher to student, giving us all one last name, Reiki; yet has been modified by each so as to receive it completely. An integration of one’s beliefs and the spirituality of the energy.

There are many students to whom reiki has been passed, over a million. Just as many interpretations exist. All receiving it as presented, then interpreting it in such a way as to connect to the energy. To find a way to make it mine…

The practice itself allows energy to flow through the practitioner like a conduit at a greater rate or with more focus to source. You choose your path, literally. The recipient draws the energy in through the channel where the recipients bodymind communicates the necessities. The practitioner of course sets an intention for wellbeing of the individual, yet releases it into the universe and trusts reiki’s infinite wisdom to go where it’s most needed.  It’s a beautiful practice that is steeped in oral tradition and can only be experienced wholly by oneself.

How it works is the energy flows from universal life force through the practitioner/channel drawn in by the recipient whose bodymind then communicates with it to determine its use to greatest benefit. Once the energy is flowing, it needs streets of some sort that are mapped so it covers all the territory from top of head to tip of toe. This is the highway I spoke of called Meridians. They have been mapped by Chinese Medicine and recently proven scientifically to be in true existence. It is a literal energetic roadmap to your endocrine, lymph and organ systems. Its broken down into five elements, each pertaining to a particular area. We are 99.9999% energy, the rest manifested matter.

Did you know that we can trap a belief, thought or dissonant energy at a cellular level? Our bodies are quite ambitious to move on the next encounter. Sometimes we fail to process something that really doesn’t serve our highest or greatest good. The body stores it for later use in the form of behavior or actionable thought. If we don’t process those toxins, they become part of us. Energy in manifested form.

Some tips to help process these unwanted and no longer useful dregs are; meditation, writing in a journal, going outside and getting in touch with nature. All of these practices enhance one’s ability to tap into an even greater supply of natural energy. Getting a reiki session allows the process to accelerate.

I hope this has been encouraging and helpful. Thanks for all you are!

Emotion Overload

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We have a new series for you. Ever have one of those days where everything is just too overwhelming? Can’t get away from the emotional rollercoaster?

This series is designed to help you identify & understand those emotions we get attached to so easily.

We are conditioned to compartmentalize and over analyze our day to day…we thought to ask why?!?!?!

There is this beautiful part of us we are able to tap into that will allow us to slow down the roller coaster effect and make it a nice Sunday drive in the country.

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